eFoil Over Erie

eFoil: Experience Lake Erie like never before


How does it fly out of the water?

Underneath the board is a mast that connects to a wing with a motor and propellor. When you push the trigger, the board propels forward and you shift your weight forward to keep the nose of the board down. By shifting your weight, the board stabilizes, and it becomes very easy to glide across the water. As you maintain a steady speed, you gradually shift your weight to your back foot, which allows the board to elevate. The flying process begins.  

What does it feel like to eFoil?

Many refer to eFoiling as flying. The quiet gliding over the water at a fast speed is exhilarating. Unlike a jet ski or motor boat, eFoiling is calm and silent.  

Does it require gas?

No. The eFoil runs on a lithium battery that comes with a charger that plugs into a regular household outlet. Each battery charge lasts between 1.5 - 2  hours. Each battery takes a couple hours to charge.  

How much does an eFoil cost?

The Lift eFoil is comparable to the cost of a jet ski and retails for $12,000. Unlike a jet ski, the eFoil doesn’t require storage, towing or gas, and is very portable.  

How fast does it go?

 It can go up to 25 mph. 

Is it difficult to learn?

Learning to eFoil is easier than most people think. With proper instruction, most people are up standing within the first 20-30 minutes. Many individuals learn to foil out of the water within their first session. The more time you spend on the board, the more comfortable you become.